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Ammonium Test Strips 10-400 ppm EM Quant (1 PK of 100) HAZMAT fee incl

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Ammonium Test Strips 10-400 ppm EM Quant   (1 PK of 100) HAZMAT fee incl MAIN

EM Quant® Ammonium Test Kit, 10-400 ppm, 10024

Additional Production Information
Method: Color scale
Color Reaction: The color reaction is based on the specific Nessler reaction: Ammonium ions react with Nessler's in alkaline solution to form the yellow to brown salt of the Million base.
Graduation: 0-10-30-60-100-200-400 ppm
Determinations: 100
Storage Conditions: +15 to +25°C
Shelf Life: 24 months (from day of production)

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet PDF

EM Quant®Ammonium Test, Catalog No. 10024
Test strips and reagent for the detection and semi-quantitative determination of ammonium ions

Surface and ground water frequently contain ammonium ions; sewage and industrial effluent always do. Ammonium ions found in surface and ground water are an indication of potentially harmful pollution. Drinking water tested with EM Quant®Ammonium Test must not show any signs of containing ammonium compounds. Mineral water, on the other hand, may contain ammonium compounds without it being a health hazard. The EM Quant®Ammonium Test can also be used in sewage works to monitor the efficiency of treatments following the nitrification stage.

Further direct applications are to be found in a number of industries including tanning, the photographic industry, plastics, textiles, etc.

Agricultural applications include measuring the ammonium nitrogen content of various types of manure and compost, to enable fertilizers to be used more rationally.

Principle of the method
The test is based on the Nessler reaction, which is both sensitive and specific.

0 - 10 - 30 - 60 - 100 - 200 - 400mg/l (ppm) NH4+

Rinse the measuring vessel several times with some of the sample and fill to the 5ml mark.
Add 10 drops of reagent (sodium hydroxide solution) and swirl cautiously.
Immerse the test strip in the solution for 1 second so that the reaction zone is thoroughly moistened. Remove excess liquid by stroking the edge of the strip against the rim of the vessel.
Wait 10 seconds and compare the reaction zone with the color scale.
Safety Precautions
Keep the reagent (27% sodium hydroxide solution) away from the skin. In the event of contact, rinse well immediately with plenty of water. Seek immediate medical attention if substance enters the eye.

Please note that the reaction zone is already slightly yellow because of the reagent used. The final color is only obtained when the reaction has taken place.

Determining the Ammonium Content of Meat Products
Ammonium salts are added to some meat products to improve their keeping properties. When tests are conducted using the traditional Kjeldahl Method, these salts simulate an increased protein content. This EM Quant® Test, on the other hand, detects only compounds resulting from the ammonium salts. Meat products can contain as much as 200mg/kg ammonium. High concentrations noticeably alter their taste.

Homogenize 10g of meat product with 15ml of water. Filter or centrifuge the homogenate and make up the supernatant (which is usually turbid) to 100ml. Alkalize 5ml of the filtrate and perform the determination as directed. Multiplying the recorded concentration by 10 gives the ammonium concentration in mg per kg of meat product.

Aggressivity of Ammonium Toward Concrete.
Ammonium is one of the parameters measured when water is being tested for its aggressivity toward concrete. Water is said to be slightly aggressive when it contains 15-30mg/l ammonium ions, aggressive when it contains 30-60mg/l and highly aggressive when it contains more than 60mg/l ammonium ions.

Standard (1000mg/l)
19812 Ammonium standard solution, 500ml.
Package Size
10024 EM Quant® Test strips and reagent
Ammonium Test for 100 determinations


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