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Chloride Test Strips 500-3000 ppm EM Quant (1 PK of 100)

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Chloride Test Strips 500-3000 ppm EM Quant  (1 PK of 100) MAIN
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

EM Quant® Chloride Test, Catalog No. 10079

Test strips for the detection and semi-quantitative determination of chloride ions

1. Method

Chloride ions react with silver ions, decolorizing red-brown silver chromate. The concentration of chloride is measured semiquantitatively by visual comparison of the reaction zones of the test strip with the individual color rows of a color scale.

2. Measuring Range and Number of Determinations

Measuring Range/Color Scale
Number of Determinations
500 - 1,000 - 1,500 - 2,000 - 3,000
mg/l (ppm) Cl

1 for measurement of concentrations>3,000mg/l Cl see section 7

4. Applications

EM Quant® analytical test strips are designed for preliminary tests and for the determination of graduated concentration ranges. The test is particularly recommended for the determination of the chloride content in conjunction with COD determination.

Sample material:


Groundwater and surface water

5. Influence of foreign substances

The concentrations of foreign substances given in the table lie below the limit at which the determination is interfered with.

Concentrations of Foreign Substances ppm (mg/l)

Acetate 1,000 Mg2+ 1,000 EDTA 1,000
Ag+ 75 Mn2+ 1,000    
Al3+ 1,000 Na+ 1,000    
Ascorbate 10 NH4+ 1,000    
BO3 1,000 Ni2+ 1,000    
Br 75 NO2 1,000    
Ca2+ 1,000 NO3 1,000    
Cd2+ 1,000 OCN 1,000    
Ce3+ 1,000 Oxalate 1,000    
Citrate 1,000 Pb2+ 1,000    
CN 20 PO43– 1,000    
CO32– 1,000 S2– 20    
Cr3+ 1,000 SCN 100    
CrO42– 1,000 Sn2+ 1,000    
Cu2+ 1,000 SO32– 1,000    
Fe2+ 1,000 SO42– 1,000    
Fe3+ 1,000 S2O32– 75    
Hg2+ 75 Tartrate 1,000    
I 100 Zn2+ 1,000    
K+ 1,000        

6. Reagents and auxiliaries

Store original sealed packs in refrigerator.

Opened packs: store closed container outside the refrigerator in a cool, dry place.

The test strips are stable at least up to the date stated on the pack when stored under these conditions.

Package contents: 100 analytical test strips.

Other reagents and accessories:

Universal indicator strips pH 0-14, Cat. No. 9590

Sodium hydroxide solution 1 mol/l, Cat. No. 9956

Chloride standard solution-ready to use

1,000 mg/l Cl, Cat. No. 19897

6. Preparation

· The pH of the sample solution must be within the range 5-8. Adjust, if necessary, with sodium hydroxide solution or nitric acid.

· Moisten solid sample material with distilled water.

7. Procedure

  • Remove 1 analytical test strip and immediately reclose the tube.
  • Immerse test strip with all reaction zones briefly (approximately 1 second) in sample solution or else bring into contact with moistened solid sample material.
  • Gently shake off excess liquid from the test strip.

· After 1 minute compare color pattern of the reaction zones with the color rows on the label. Determine which row color pattern coincides most exactly and read off the corresponding concentration value. If an exact color match cannot be achieved, estimate an intermediate value.

Notes on the measurement:

  • In cases in which the color pattern on the test strip corresponds with the color row for 3,000 mg/l Cl, the chloride concentration may actually be considerably higher. For this reason, the sample solution in question should be successively diluted in 1:10 steps until a value less than 3,000 mg/l Cl is obtained.
  • It is advisable to regard the results gained using moistened solid sample material only as guide values.
  • The color pattern of the reaction zones may change after the specified reaction time has elapsed. This must not be considered in the measurement and does not impair the function of the test strips.

8. Method control

To check test strips and procedure:

Analyze chloride standard solution (1,000mg/l Cl) as described in section 7.

Package Size

10079 EM Quant® Test strips

Chloride Test for 100 determinations

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