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Chlorine Test Strips 0.5-10 ppm Reflectoquant 1 PK *Requires RQflex 10 EMD# 16950-1

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Chlorine Test Strips 0.5-10 ppm Reflectoquant   1 PK *Requires RQflex 10 EMD# 16950-1 MAIN
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Reflectoquant® Chlorine Test, Catalog No. 16896/1

1. Method

Chlorine oxidizes an organic compound forming a violet dye, the concentration of which is determined reflectometrically.

2. Measuring Range and Number of Determinations

Measuring Range1) Number of Determinations
0.5 - 10.0mg/l Cl2 50

1) for measurement of concentrations > 10.0 mg/l Cl2 see section 6

3. Applications

This test measures only free, active chlorine.

Sample Material:

Drinking water
Disinfectant solutions
Aqueous solutions

4. Influence of Foreign Substances

This was checked - in the case of interfering ions up to concentrations of 1,000mg/l - in solutions containing 5 mg/l Cl2. The concentrations of foreign substances given in the table lie below the limit at which the determination is interfered with:

Concentrations of Foreign Substances in mg/l or %

Ca2+ 500 Fe2+ 0.1 I2 0.1
Cl- 1,000 Fe3+ 100 H2O2 0.1
CN- 0.5 Mn2+ 100    
CO32- 100 NO2- 0.5    
CrO42- 100 NO3 1,000    
Cu2+ 1,000 SO32- 10    

5. Reagents and Auxiliaries

The analytical test strips are stable at least up to the date stated on the pack when stored in the closed tube at +2 to +8°C.

Package Contents:

Tube containing 50 analytical test strips
Bar code strip
1 bottle of reagent Cl2–1
1 bottle of reagent Ca–2
1 test vessel

Other Reagents:

EM Quant® Chlorine Test, Cat. No. 10043, measuring range 4-120mg/l Cl2
pH indicator strips non-bleeding, Universal indicator pH 0-14 Cat. No. 9590
Titristar® Sodium hydroxide solution 1 mol/l Cat. No. SX0607H
Titristar® Hydrochloric acid 1 mol/l, Cat. No. HX0603D

6. Preparation

  • Check whether the chlorine content is within the measuring range

Use the EM Quant® Chlorine Test as a guide. Samples containing more than 10mg/l Cl2 must be diluted with distilled water.

  • The pH must be within the range 5-10.

Check with Universal Indicator Strips. If pH is lower than 5, add sodium hydroxide solution dropwise; if greater than 10, add hydrochloric acid dropwise.

7. Procedure

  • Observe the instructions for the RQflex Reflectometer.

The following applies to the Chlorine Test:

Measurement procedure A. Stored reaction time: 15 sec.

  • Rinse the test vessel several times with the pretreated sample solution (15-30°), then fill to the 10-ml mark.
  • Add 5 drops of reagent Cl2–1 and swirl.
  • Remove 1 analytical test strip and immediately reclose the tube.
  • Press START button on reflectometer and – this is imperative – at the same time immerse both reaction zones of the test strip in the measurement solution for approx. 2 sec.
  • Vigorously shake off excess liquid from the test strip.
  • As soon as the beeper sounds (5 sec. before end of reaction time), insert the test strip all the way into the strip adapter with the reaction zones facing the display.
  • Read off the result from the display in mg/l Cl2. The result is automatically stored.


  • If the test strip is inserted into the adapter after the reaction time has expired, renewed depression of the START button may result in a false reading of the chlorine concentration.
  • At the end of each workday, cleanse the strip adapter thoroughly with water or ethanol

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