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Cobalt Test Strips 10-1000 ppm EM Quant (1 PK of 100)

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Cobalt Test Strips 10-1000 ppm EM Quant (1 PK of 100) MAIN
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

EM Quant® Cobalt Test, Catalog No. 10002

Test strips and reagent for the detection and semi-quantitative determination of cobalt(II) ions


Interesting applications for the cobalt rapid test are to be found in the testing of waste water, electroplating baths, in the electronics industry, metal industry, in the assaying and refining of ores, and for checking pigments and other colorants in the glass and ceramic industries.

Principle of the Determination

The test is based on the formation of a complex between cobalt(II) and thiocyanate ions which displays a brilliant blue color in the presence of a high molecular ether. As the reaction zone contains a buffer, the complexing reaction is not influenced by the hydrogen ion concentration of the solution between pH 1 and pH 7. Even in highly acidic solutions (pH 0 to 1) there is only a very slight color shift to green.


0 - 10 - 30 - 100 - 300 - 1000mg/l (ppm) Co2+


  1. Immerse a test strip in the solution for 1 second so that the reaction zone is thoroughly wetted.
  2. Remove the test strip, gently shake to remove excess liquid, wait 15 seconds and compare the reaction zone with the color scale.


The pH of the sample solution should be between 1 and 7. Alkaline solutions must be buffered with sulfuric acid. Detection is normally disturbed by iron(III) ions, which produce a blood-red thiocyanate complex, and by copper ions, which produce a green to brown color. The reaction zone of the strip contains a special masking agent to suppress these interfering secondary reactions. This makes the test so selective that as little as 10mg/l of cobalt(II) can still be detected in the presence of 7500mg/l of copper(II) and 5000mg/l of iron(III).

Influence of Anions

There is no interference at less than:

1000mg/l Br, BrO3, Cl, ClO3, ClO4, F, I, IO3, IO4, MnO4 Mo7O246–, N3, NO3, OCN, PO43–, SCN, SO32–, SO42–, S2O32–, S2O42–, S2O52–, S2O82+, SeO32–, WO42–, acetate, ascorbate, citrate, oxalate, succinate or tartrate.
250mg/l NO2
CN, [Fe(CN)6]3– form complexes with Co2+

Influence of Cations

There is no interference at less than:

1000mg/l Ag+, Al3+, Au3+, Ba2+, Be2+, Bi3+, Ca2+, Cd2+, Ce4+, Cr3+, Cu2+, Fe2+, Fe3+, K+, Li+, Mg2+, NH4+, Na+, Ni2+, Pb2+, Rb+, Sb3+, Sn2+, Sr2+, ,Ti4+, VO2+, Zn2+, Zr4+
500mg/l Mo2+/5+
300mg/l Hg+

Elimination of Interference

NO2 interferes by producing a pink tint (eliminate by adding amidosulfuric acid until effervescence ceases).

CrO42– and VO32– interfere due to their intrinsic colors (eliminate by adding 1 spatula-tip of ascorbic acid).

If the color of the reaction zone gradually changes to orange, interference by more than 1000mg/l SeO32– is indicated; in this event record the value within 30 seconds.

CN–, [Fe(CN)6]3– form complexes with Co2+ which can be destroyed in the usual manner by fuming off with concentrated sulfuric acid.

Interference by cations can be prevented by masking (see table below).

Add 1 spatula-tip of the specified masking agent to 5ml sample solution, shake and then test for cobalt(II) ions with a test strip.

Color In the presence of Mask with
Brown 5000mg/l Fe3+ potassium fluoride
Brown 7500mg/l Cu2+ sodium thiosulfate
Green 2000mg/l Bi3+ potassium fluoride
Pink/orange 500mg/l Mo2+/5+ potassium permanganate*
Gray 300mg/l Hg+ sodium chloride

*Add KMnO4 crystals until the pink color persists.

Standard (1000 mg/l)

Cobalt standard solution, 500ml.

Package Size

10002 EM Quant® Cobalt Test

Cobalt Test for 100 determinations, strips and reagents included.

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