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colorpHast® pH Test Strips (non-bleeding), PH Variety Pack, 700181 (13 packs of 100)

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Environmental Analysis - colorpHast® test strips by EMD Chemicals

Whenever and wherever you need accurate pH measurements take colorpHast pH strips along.

colorpHast® test strips are pH indicator strips that are non-bleeding utilizing special indicator dyes covalently bound to the reagent paper. Dependable color graduations, rapid and exact measurements can be made, even in weakly buffered solutions, or weakly colored or turbid solutions.

Just about every laboratory needs to make accurate and reproducible pH measurements. A minor unexpected change in pH can interfere with an analytical assay, a critical step in a testing process, or even the function or efficacy of an end product. It is important to use a pH system that you trust absolutely. colorpHast strips from EMD Chemicals can be trusted in any application or environment. They are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards to provide you with the consistency, accuracy and reliability that you need in your important scientific work.

All of the colorpHast products from EMD Chemicals include bright, easy-to-read color comparator charts. The strips are simply extracted from the package, dipped into the test solutions, and read without any equipment required. The indicator changes the color of the strip based on the pH of the sample, and the color change is clear and easy to distinguish against the distinct results shown on the comparator chart. Nothing could be easier, especially for those times when samples need to be measured outside of a standard laboratory setting.

Fast & Safe
Within seconds of dipping a colorpHast strip from EMD Chemicals into your sample, you have the results you need. There is no waiting for pH meters to equilibrate, no need to calibrate the meter again and again. colorpHast strips are so fast you will have more time to move on to the next important step of your work. You can be assured that these strips will never affect the sample you are measuring. The indicators used to express the pH of the samples are covalently bonded to the strip itself. Since these indicators are irreversibly bound, they will never bleed, form uneven color zones, or fade under intense light. This is an important and unique feature of colorpHast strips compared to most other pH methodologies.

Try these pH strips with any samples you have. They work as effectively in weakly buffered solutions as they do in colored or turbid samples. Even mud or sludge is no barrier in an accurate and reliable pH measurement. colorpHast strips come in a wide selection of pH ranges and sensitivities. This variety ensures that there is a colorpHast strip that will work for you. They work anywhere, anytime, and most importantly, they work for you.

If you make a lot of pH measurements, make them colorpHast®!
When you consider that pH is the most frequently made measurement in the analytical laboratory, the importance of making your pH measurements quickly and accurately is clear: it saves you time and trouble. And for a growing number of chemists, the fastest, most accurate way to make pH measurements is with colorpHast® pH strips, indicator kits and indicator papers from EM Science. Whether you work in the lab or in the field, EMD Chemicals pH test products meet your testing needs. They come in a wide variety of formats and sizes for different samples and applications. All of them are manufactured by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, to ISO 9001 quality standards to provide you with maximum consistency. And, like all EMD Chemicals products, they come with EMD Chemicals' 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

With colorpHast® strips, you're bound to succeed.

  • Covalently bound indicators won't bleed or dilute
  • Test 0-14pH range with a single measurement
  • Perform pH tests in seconds for just pennies a test
  • Get accurate measurements in weakly buffered, turbid and even colored samples
  • Carry a package in your pocket for use in the lab or field

colorpHast® strips give you confidence in your results.
With EMD colorpHast® strips, you can test the pH of trace samples without worrying about contamination. You can even test weakly buffered, colored or turbid samples and still get accurate results. For samples such as mud and sludge, all you have to do is dip the strip, rinse and read the result.

Get accurate results - every time!
The indicators in colorpHast® strips give you such sharp, clear color changes, it's easy to make accurate readings. All you have to do is match the color scale on the side of the colorpHast® package to the pH strip.

A pH range to suit every need.
colorpHast® strips come in a variety of pH ranges and sensitivities. The full-range test strip measures from 0-14 with a single test and 0.5 sensitivity. Other colorpHast® strips measure narrower pH ranges with 0.2-0.3 sensitivity. Each package contains 100 colorpHast® strips.

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