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Copper Test Strips 10-300 ppm EM Quant (1 PK of 100)

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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

EM Quant® Copper Test, Catalog No. 10003

Test strips and reagent for the detection and semi-quantitative determination of Copper ions


The Copper Test has many uses. It is suitable, for instance, for monitoring and testing swimming pool water, drinking water (when copper pipework has been installed, rendering higher concentrations more likely,) sewage, electroplating solutions, and copper etching baths used in the manufacture of printing plates and printed circuits. Copper contamination of nickel-plating solutions can also be detected.

Copper compounds are used as anti-corrosive agents, wood preservers, cutting fluids and lubricants. They are also used in tanning processes, in paint manufacture and as oxidizing agents. In some cases the sample may need pre-treatment while in others the test can be applied directly.

The test can also be used to test for the presence of copper in wine, which causes cloudiness.

Principle of the Method

The test for copper is based on a reaction in which copper(I) ions combine with 2,2'-biquinoline (cuproine) in an alcoholic-aqueous solution to form a purple-red complex. Copper(II) ions must be reduced prior to the color reaction. A combination of reducing agents in the reaction zone reduces the ions within a few seconds. The paper contains a special buffer mixture which ensures that the determination is independent of the pH between pH 2 and pH 7.


0 - 10 - 30 - 100 - 300mg/l (ppm) Cu1+/2+


  1. Immerse the test strip in the sample solution for 1 second so that the reaction zone is thoroughly moistened.
  2. Remove the test strip, gently shake off excess liquid, wait 30 seconds and compare the reaction zone with the color scale.


The pH of the sample solution should be between 2 and 6.

Buffer strongly acidic solutions (pH less than 2) with sodium acetate; alkaline solutions with sulfuric acid.

As the pH rises above pH 5-6 progressively fewer copper(III) ions are detected, because they are then present as insoluble copper compounds.

Surface Determinations

Moisten the reaction zone with water and press onto the surface to be tested (e.g. a coin) for approximately 10-30 seconds. The reaction zone becomes purple in the presence of as little as 0.5µg of copper.

Influence of Anions

There is no interference at less than:

1000mg/l Br, BrO3, Cl, ClO3, ClO4, F, MnO4, Mo7O246– , N3, NO2, NO3, OCN, PO43– SCN, SeO32–, SO32–, SO42–, S2O32–, S2O82–, VO3, WO42–, acetate, ascorbate, citrate, oxalate, succinate or tartrate.

In the presence of more than 500mg/l CrO42–, IO4, S2O42– or more than 250mg/l I- the copper ion concentrations found are less than actually present. The reagent paper becomes brown to green-black in the presence of more than 500mg/l IO3 or IO4.

CN–, [Fe(CN)6]3– and [Fe(CN)6]4– chelate the copper ions, thus preventing their detection.

Influence of Cations

There is no interference at less than:

1000mg/l Ag+, Al3+, As3+, Au3+, Ba2+, Be2+, Bi3+, Ca2+, Cd2+, Ce4+, Co2+, Cr3+, Fe2+, Fe3+, Hg+, Hg2+, K+,Li+,mg2+, Mn2+, NH4+, Na+, Ni2+, Pb2+, Rb+, Sb3+, Sn2+, Sr2+, Ti4+, Tl+., VO2+, Zn2+, Zr4+

Molybdenum blue interferes by its blue intrinsic color. This is eliminated by the addition of potassium permanganate crystals to the solution until the dark red color persists. Subsequently decolorize with hydroxylammonium chloride and determine the copper ion concentration with the test strip.

Elimination of Interference

Eliminate interfering anions in the usual way by fuming off with concentrated sulfuric acid.

Standard (1000mg/l)

Copper standard solution, 500ml.

Package Size

10003 EM Quant® Copper Test

Copper Test pack of 100 test strips

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