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Iron Test Strips 20-200 ppm Reflectoquant 1 PK *Requires RQflex 10 EMD# 16950-1

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Iron Test Strips 20-200 ppm Reflectoquant   1 PK *Requires RQflex 10 EMD# 16950-1 MAIN
MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

Reflectoquant® Iron Test Strips, Catalog No. 16983/1

1. Method

In acidic solution, Fe2+ ions react with 2,2'-bypyridine to form a red complex, the concentration of which is determined reflectometrically.

2. Measuring Range and Number of Determinations

Measuring range1) Number of Determinations
20 - 200mg/l Fe2+ 50

1)for measurement of concentrations > 200mg/l Fe2+ see section 6

3. Applications

This test measures only Fe2+ ions. Fe3+ ions must be reduced prior to the determination (see section 7, "Notes").

Sample Material:

Surface water
Industrial water
Mineral water
Food and food preserves (e.g. juices, wine, preserve liquids)

4. Influence of Foreign Substances

This was checked - in the case of interfering ions up to concentrations of 1,000mg/l - in solutions containing 50mg/l and 0mg/l Fe2+. The concentrations of foreign substances given in the table lie below the limit at which the determination is interfered with:

Concentrations of Foreign Substances inmg/l or %

Ag+ 1,000 Mn2+ 1,000 Anionic Surfactants1) 1,000
Al3+ 1,000 NH4+ 1,000 Cationic Surfactants2) 1,000
BO33- 1,000 Ni2+ 100 Nonionic Surfactants3) 1,000
Ca2+ 1,000 NO2- 100 NaCl 10%
Cd2+ 1,000 NO3- 1,000 Na2SO4 10%
Citrate 1,000 Oxalate 1,000    
CN- 10 Pb2+ 1,000    
Cu2+ 1,000 S2O32- 1,000    
Fe3+ 1,000 Tartrate 1,000    
K+ 1,000 Zn2+ 1,000    
Mg2+ 1,000        

1)tested with Na-dodecyl sulfate

2)tested with N-cetylpyridinium chloride

3)tested with polyvinylpyrrolidone

5. Reagents and Auxiliaries

The analytic test strips are stable at least up to the date stated on the pack when stored in the closed tube at +15 to +25°C.

Package Contents:

Tube containing 50 analytical test strips
Bar code strip

Other Reagents:

EM Quant® Iron Test, Cat. No. 10004, measuring range 3+500mg/l Fe2+

Universal indicator strips pH 0-14, Cat. No. 9590

Sodium acetate GR, Cat No. SX0265

Sulfuric acid 25% GR, Cat. No. SX1243M

L(+)Ascorbic acid GR, Cat. No. AX1775

Ammonium iron(II) sulfate hexahydrate GR

6. Preparation

  • Check whether the iron content is within the measuring range
  • Use the EM Quant® Iron Test as a guide. Samples containing more than 200mg/l Fe2+ must be diluted with distilled water.

· The Ph must be within the range 1-4. Check with universal indicator strips. If pH is lower than 1, buffer with sodium acetate; if greater than 4, add dilute sulfuric acid dropwise.

7. Procedure

  • Observe the instructions for the Rqflex Reflectometer.

The following applies to the Iron Test:

Measurement procedure A. Stored reaction time: 15 sec.

  • Remove 1 analytical test strip and immediately reclose the tube.
  • Press START button of the reflectometer and at the same time immerse both reaction zones of the test strip in the pretreated solution (5-40°C) for approx. 2 sec.
  • Vigorously shake off excess liquid from the test strip
  • As soon as the beeper sounds (5 sec. before end of reaction time), insert the test strip all the way into the strip adapter with the reaction zones facing the display.
  • Read off the result from the display inmg/l Fe2+. The result is automatically stored.


  • At the end of each workday, cleanse the strip adapter thoroughly with water or ethanol
  • To determine the total of Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions, dissolve 1 spatula-tip of ascorbic acid in approx. 10ml of sample solution and perform the measurement after approx. 1 min.

9. Method Control

To check analytical test strips, equipment and procedure:

Dissolve 0.7g ammonium iron(II) sulfate hexahydrate in distilled water, make up to 100ml and mix. Fe2+ concentration 1,000mg/l. Dilute this standard solution to 100mg/l Fe2+ and analyze as described in section 7.

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